Testimonials of Peter Jensens work

Ian and Tina Finch - St Gelven

After discussing our renovation project with various builders and roofers in Brittany we consider ourselves very lucky to have found Peter Jensen.  

Completely undaunted at the thought of building a completely new slate roof approaching 200 square meters in size, Peter took on the project and completed it to the highest of standards in very short space of time and well within budget.

Communications throughout the work were excellent and Peter and Jacqui effectively managed the complete build program for us, ensuring that all other work being carried out on the building was done to a similar high standard. 

We cannot recommend Peter Jensen highly enough and are happy to say that as a consequence Peter and Jacqui have become good friends.  Ian & Tina Finch.

Henryk Akielan - Duault

Having been in the construction industry for over 30 years, I have concluded that the two most reliable methods in finding a good artisan are:

Peter Jensen fulfilled both of those requirements. However, there is a lot more to a good artisan and this can only be discovered when the artisan actually carries out the work. When Peter Jensen undertook my project, which was a complete demolition of the old 'dog-leg' roof and construction of new roof trusses, boarding out, slatting and guttering etc. I discovered some of his other qualities, which are as follows:

I have no hesitation in recommending Peter Jensen for any roofing project and in fact, have retained his services for some additional work which originally I did not plan to have done - but after watching him work and seeing the quality of his first project, for me, I decided he was too good to let go!!

Should you want further confirmation of Peter Jensen's ability, integrity or honesty, please do not hesitate to contact me by email henrykakielan@yahoo.co.uk or telephone - 02 96 45 52 69 when I am in Brittany.


Peter & Pauline Bates - Duault

We first became aware of Peter Jensen whilst he was re-roofing a property in the hamlet where we live - he came highly recommended by the owner of the property. We have been very impressed with Peter's craftsmanship at every stage of the renovation. To the existing property this included stripping and replacing existing roof, moving Velux windows, constructing new Lucarnes, new guttering, down pipes and ridge tiles. From plans previously approved, Peter constructed a substantial timber framed extension, complete with mortise and tenon jointed 'A' frames and massive Oak frames for the french windows. He also constructed a roof to the side extension complete with insulation and plasterboard.

We found Peter to be extremely reliable and trustworthy, in fact a true Artisan; we would definitely employ Peter for further projects and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.


Bob Daniels - Gouarec

Hi Peter, I would just like to register my appreciation for the quality of your work in re-roofing my Cottage near Gourec. The planning and completion of all the work was First Rate and achieved in good time in spite of some pretty atrocious weather. If it helps I am more than willing to pass on this recommendation to any prospective Client you may have and if anybody wants to see the finished article I am sure it can be arranged.

Thanks once again.


** There are examples of Peter's work on the Photos page - if you have a slow internet connection, this may take a little time to display.